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Mental Health Professional Speaks on Avoidance

Growing concerns over mental health in communities are making the public more aware of daily emotions and habits that drive people's actions. Ed Lacheta, Clinical Director of Mental Health Services for Shelby County Community Services says that avoidance is a particularly damaging topic as problems and emotions are not being faced head-on.

Lacheta speaks on avoidant behavior and how this is a factor that leads to the incompletion of tasks or responsibilities.


To describe avoidance, Lacheta speaks of “awareness” as a vicious cycle of avoiding responsibility that persists when one will not confront the main issue of recognizing the problem.


Taking action is the best way to combat the complacency of avoidance says Lacheta.


For Shelby County Community Services contact 217-774-5587.

Ed Lacheta appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show live from our downtown studios in Shelbyville.

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