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Taylorville Chamber of Commerce to Hold Scholarship Awareness Day

The Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce will be holding the Scholarship Awareness Day at Taylorville High School on Friday, February 9th from 10:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. The chamber of commerce has held this scholarship day for 10 years and with a multitude of options for students spanning from community college options to trade school funds many students will have the opportunity to find a scholarship that suits them.

Linda Allen, Executive Director for the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce says the funds for students' higher education has only grown through the years.


Allen says this allows graduating students a chance to speak one-on-one with the organizations providing these scholarships and inquire about essay questions and more.


For students who may not be considering a university or community college for their years after high school, scholarship opportunities are available for trades work, says Allen.


Information about Scholarship Awareness Day can be found on the chambers website at taylorvillechamber.com, or on Facebook at Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce.

Linda Allen appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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