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Murphy, Sam and Jodi Join WRAN Program Schedule on Monday

The nationwide show "Murphy, Sam and Jodi" based on Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will join the programming lineup of Miller Media Group radio station WRAN groovy 97.3 from 3 to 7pm this Monday, February 5th.


Company president Randal J. Miller said the trio, which has been doing their show for over 20 years, will bring relatable, relevent, and current content to WRAN listeners each weekday afternoon. 


Miller added Murphy Sam & Jodi are relatable with Murphy and Jodi being married, and their long running friendship with Sam combines for compelling, meaningful, and connected programming to listeners. 


Murphy Sam and Jodi join the WRAN programming family that includes the Morning Show featuring daily contests weekday mornings from 7 til 8:30, the Saturday Request Show from 10am to 1pm, and Throwback Nation Radio Saturday nights from 6 til 11pm.

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