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Graduates Walk the Stage at Problem Solving Court

 It was an emotional and momentous day at Davis Memorial Church on Friday as four graduates walked the stage of sobriety as they successfully passed through the Christian County Treatment Court Program. Judge Brad Paisley used the term radical resilience while describing the four graduates as their battle with addiction is a daily fight and the individuals proved to confront their issues head-on.

Graduates Brandon Durbin, Catherine Eck, Dylan Russell, and Tamara Wisnasky are the definition of radically resilient, said Judge Paisley.


A video presentation showed the before and after pictures of each graduate, displaying to the audience and to the recovered addicts what the journey to sobriety had accomplished, not only mentally, but physically.

Team members from the Christian County Treatment Court spoke about their time with the graduates and the daily effort that each individual made. Attending meetings, confronting issues that have been buried, and eventually reuniting and strengthening relationships with family members and friends.


Judge Paisley praised resources like Safe Passage of Taylorville and the law enforcement across Christian County that are treating addiction like the disease that it is and continuing to find the road to recovery for citizens struggling with addiction.

Commencement Certificates were then presented to each graduate and all four joined with the officers that made their initial arrest, reconnecting with the officer with a newly rehabilitated glow.


Each graduate was to give three roses out to people in the audience who made a difference in their road to recovery, placing roses in the hands of significant others, treatment officers, and family members.

Final words were given by Judge Paisley, he remarked that the battle against addiction is constant, and to keep working every day.


Families joined for a reception afterward and connected in the new light of sobriety and clean living. Christian County remains dedicated to serving people struggling with addiction as programs like the Treatment Court Program and Safe Passage excel forward.

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