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Key Issues Heading Towards Election Season

As Democrat and Republican Primaries near many new issues look to influence voters at the ballot box. To dissect some of the topics that the community might hear during upcoming debates and political advertisements.

Dr. Kent Redfield, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Illinois spoke on the newly implemented SAFETY Act and its effects so far, women's reproductive rights and if the issue will make it to the ballot, and budget concerns as COVID-19 funds have dried up in Illinois.

No-cash bail and pretrial release, otherwise known as the SAFETY Act. will be a hot topic when considering new legislation, Redfield says there is still confusion from county to county on enforcing the new rules.


Budget concerns arise as a key issue in Illinois as Business Resiliency programs are no longer funded with COVID-19 aid money.


Redfield says talks of abortion and reproductive rights of women have slowed and have failed to become a constitutional amendment.


Topics like these are used to sway both Republicans and Democrats into a vote of their party but public knowledge of the issues could be the deciding factor that will impact Illinois citizens and legislature.

Dr. Kent Redfield appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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