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WTIM High School Road Tour Stops at Morrisonville High School

The WTIM High School Road Tour is in full effect and made a stop at Morrisonville High School last week. Regional Radio News Reporter Leroy Kleimola spoke with Morrisonville High School Principal, Randi Riemann and spoke on some academic goals in the coming years.

Riemann says a focus has been set on state assessment scoring, to improve those scores resources have been made available to students looking to excel in the classroom.


Capital Area Career Center in Springfield has become a strong tool for the students at Morrisonville High School as learners venture there to gain experience that prepares them for their next endeavor. Riemann refers to the Covid-19 era and how many extracurricular trips for students came to a halt. Principal Riemann finds these adventures into the real world to be educational and important.


Morrisonville High School holds many different extracurriculars, from Future Farmers of America to a group called Students Against Destructive Decisions. Riemann says it is all about expanding the experience for each and every individual.


The WTIM High School Road Tour has two more stops; WTIM will visit Central A&M High School on Tuesday, January 23rd. Then to Pawnee High School on Wednesday, January 24th, both from 9:10 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

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