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Infrastructure Grants Available for Application for Farmers and Producers

State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) is urging eligible farmers and food producers to apply for grants under the Resilient Food System Infrastructure program. The program is funded with $6.4 million from the Illinois Department of Agriculture and aims to enhance the state's food supply chain. 


Turner emphasizes that fortifying the food system not only supports local farmers but also addresses food insecurity. The grants are available to various groups, including smaller farms, new farmers, veterans, and underserved communities, are divided into infrastructure and equipment categories. The initiative seeks to expand capacity, improve infrastructure, and fund equipment costs. Interested parties can apply online at Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure Program by March 15. 


Turner believes that this funding will increase access to fresh, locally-sourced foods, bolster the local economy, and strengthen the overall food supply chain. Additional information is available on the USDA Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure webpage.

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