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Legendary Small Town Trading Co. Coming Soon to the Taylorville Square

Cindy Frisina and the Heartland Development Partners have begun work on multiple properties around the Taylorville Square to restore and revitalize the space with new businesses. The first project slated to be finished by the first week of February is called Legendary Small Town Trading Co., located at 123 South Washington Street in Taylorville. It will feature a coffee and wine bar serving pastries, sandwiches, and more, ample seating like lounge chairs and booths with complimentary internet access, and the Legendary Tasting Room where the high-quality wine can be found for sale inside the building along with other specialty retail items.

On the second floor of 123 South Washington Street, Frisina has planned for the space to be an Airbnb, for travelers looking to sight-see over the Taylorville Square and the Christian County Court House during their stay.

The time spent preserving the original floors and ceiling creates the atmosphere that Frisina was looking for. She says the attention to detail from the light fixtures to well-thought-out historical murals will reignite the rich history of the town.



A range of food and beverages will be available at Legendary Small Town Trading Co. Frisina takes the community through what they will experience as they enter the door of 123 South Washington Street. Frisina has stated that she and the Heartland Development Partners are adding pieces to Taylorville’s dining and shopping that had not previously existed.



Two murals sit on display at the Legendary Small Town Trading Co. that capture Taylorville and Christian County History. Frisina has sourced photographs from local photographers and archives.


The final touches are being added to the Legendary Small Town Trading Co. building and Frisina says she looks to have 123 South Washington up and running by the first week of February.

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