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New Solar Project and Childcare Facility in Assumption Headline First Christian County Board Meeting of 2024

The Christian County board met on Tuesday night for a brief meeting at the Christian County Courthouse. A potential new solar project in Assumption, approval over funding for water testing near the Ameren remediation site, as well as funding for a child care center in Assumption, were discussed.


Georgia Morgan with Strata Clean Energy located out of Durham, North Carolina made the only public comment. Strata Clean Energy has begun the process of completing a 250-mega watt solar facility located on the Christian and Shelby county line in Assumption. The project has 1800 acres under lease option with 1000 acres in Christian County. Strata is preparing for a special use permit in the second half of 2024.



An amount less than 2000$ for the Christian County Health Department to test the water within a half-mile radius of the Ameren remediation site was voted on. That vote was unanimously passed. 

Schales Nagle with Kemmerer Village and Lee Corzine with First United Methodist Church in Assumption then spoke in front of the board. They were seeking consideration for funding for a childcare center in Assumption. First United Methodist Church would house the childcare facility but Kemmerer Village would run the daily operations of the facility. 



Kemmerer Village is a non-profit organization that holds a 21-person facility in Assumption as well as 170 kids in foster care nearby. The joint effort between Nagle and Corzine had hoped for 250,000 dollars in funding before being able to open the space; the pair has already raised 163,000 dollars. Corzine had stated that fundraising has slowed and with the announcement of 16 houses to be developed in the city of Assumption there is an added pressure to finalize funding. The board stated they were interested in continuing these conversations over the next committee meetings.  


Minutes were approved, county board rules were changed and mileage was passed.


The next Christian County Board meeting is set for February 20th, 2024 

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