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Taylorville City Council To Meet This Evening

The Taylorville City Council is set to meet this evening for their second January meeting. The meeting will take place 7 PM this evening at the Municipal Building in Taylorville.  After approval of minutes and a review of a resolution between the city and Rebuild Downtown Taylorville, the council will look at a motion to bid/advertise the Deputy Treasurer Position.  


Under committee reports, the council will look at a motion to bid/advertise the heavy equipment operator A or B in the sewer department.  The council will also look to retroactively increase the base pay for several city officials by $10,000 and increase the base pay by $12,000 for Matt Adermann and Cody Rogers with the Taylorville Fire Department.  


Under lake/airport, the council will discuss approving a new sign for Kiwanis Park from Lilly Signs and purchase a track mower. Under water & environmental, the council will look to approve purchasing some materials.  As always you can hear from the city attorney and Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry.  


Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more following the conclusion of the event. 

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