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The Wellness Team Appears at Shelby Community School District

One school district is looking over their teachers and students' mental health with a committee titled, the Wellness Team. Shelby Community School District #4, home of the Rams, is developing social and emotional skills and holding those aspects to a higher importance as education is hard to receive and dish out when struggling mentally.

Ryan Scott, Principal of Main Street Elementary School in Shelby Community School District #4, has been at the school’s helm for 7 leading the first through third graders. Challenges have been placed throughout the year that will promote healthy mental living for the students and staff.


Physical activity and nutrition are other fields the students and staff will venture into in order to restore and maintain proper mental health.


Principal Ryan Scott, the staff, and students have taken a step back at the resources offered to everyone involved in education and look to provide more support for hard-working educators and learners.

Ryan Scott appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show, live from our Downtown studios in Shelbyville.

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