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Taylorville Junior High School Receives Grant Promoting STEAM Education

Taylorville Jr. High School is celebrating a significant stride in advancing STEAM education with the recent reception of a $10,000 grant from Ameren and Project Lead The Way, a prominent non-profit organization dedicated to reshaping STEAM education in K-12 settings. The grant will serve as a catalyst for the school's commitment to delivering compelling and impactful learning experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.


Expressing gratitude for the support, Cynthia Wagner, Science teacher at Taylorville Jr. High School, remarked that they express great gratitude for the invaluable support extended by Project Lead The Way. This grant will enable the school to broaden the STEAM initiatives, equipping THS students with essential tools and resources to delve into their interests, cultivate crucial skills, and ready themselves for success in a world driven by technology.


The PLTW grant, directed towards Taylorville Jr. High School, will facilitate the introduction of a new PLTW course at the Junior High level. While currently offering four PLTW courses as part of the seventh and eighth-grade STEAM classes, the additional course will be presented as a quarterly elective, accessible to students in grades 6 through 8. The selected curriculum is the PLTW Computer Science for Innovators and Makers, allowing students to delve into computer science concepts, programming, and hands-on projects to showcase their newly acquired skills.


Students will benefit from professional development opportunities provided by PLTW, ensuring the proper implementation of the new course. The grant aims not only to enhance the educational experience within Taylorville Jr. High School but also to have a broader impact on the community by fostering a love for STEAM learning early on. The school aspires to motivate future generations of scientists, engineers, artists, and innovators who will contribute to a brighter future.


In the accompanying image, from left to right, Tammy Reindl, Technology Specialist, Cynthia Wagner, Science Department Chair, and Crystal Anderson, STEM teacher, stand together, representing the collaborative effort to advance STEAM education at Taylorville Jr. High School.

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