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St. Louis Dairy Council Flips the Script on Dieting in 2024

Many community members chose the dieting route when trying to start their new year off right, but one professional says that flipping your lifestyle inside out and making large changes is making attaining the goals just too difficult. Instead, Kelsey Bentlage, a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Educator for the St. Louis Dairy Council, says that those looking to diet should be looking to add nutrient-rich foods into a diet as opposed to making large cuts from the menu.

Bentlage began with how she is flipping the dieting script in 2024 as many try to lose weight by cutting out food, Bentlage says this creates a “yo-yo diet” meaning the habits will return upon failing the new diet.


With new additions to one's lifestyle, physical activity is an aspect of life all citizens can and should be working into their schedule says Bentlage. Small things like parking further away from a store to get extra steps can fulfill a person's physical activity needs for that day.


Bentlage reminds the community that joy is a piece that can not be forgotten when implementing these new routines into one's life. Enjoyment can be found in the movements you make or the healthy recipes you create, explained Bentlage.


Information and recipes from the St. Louis Dairy Council can be found at their website, www.stldariycouncil.org, or on Facebook and Instagram.

Kelsey Bentlage appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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