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Taylorville School Board Sets Bids for High School Building Project at First 2024 Meeting

The Taylorville School Board of Education met last night for their first meeting of 2024. To kick off the meeting the board approved minutes from regular, closed, and special board meetings taking place on December 7th, 12th, and 14th. 


Public comments ensued that surrounded the Taylorville High School building project and the absence of a performing arts center in the build plans in the beginning phase. Former and current educators and community members inquired about the total funds the district had to spend on the project.


Deborah Philpot, Interim Superintendent, and the board began to entertain questions about the construction of the gymnasium. Interim Superintendent Deborah Philpot addressed one comment by saying the board is not against the auditorium but the majority of the board had concerns of fiscal responsibility.



Wendy Dulakis, Taylorville School District Treasurer, broke down the figures starting 3 years ago when $13-million was set to be the total amount spent on the building projects, with an attempt to raise an extra $5-million with community efforts,  which sparked the conversation that the budget was $18-million. With the recent construction of the special education classrooms, the current budget sits at $10-million.


The variance for the project was passed through the Taylorville City Council.


Architects, Jacque Reynolds and Chris Tyra of Architechnics and Midwest Construction Professionals presented over the phone as they did not travel to Taylorville because of weather conditions. Option A Phase 1 of the building project will look to complete a new gymnasium and locker room, a new chorus classroom, and band room renovations. 


In the renderings for the completion building project, a plot has been assigned and designed to create the performing arts center after the completion of phase 1. 


The board then heard bids from the architects for the completion of the gymnasium, locker rooms, and lobby area, which totaled $6,972,137. That included costs of construction, site improvements, and fees.


The chorus, band room renovation, and classroom addition bid was set for $2,270,000.


Discussion for the approval of these bids caused Board Members Tom Finks and Dr. Ron Mizer to speak on slowing down the building project. Tom Finks Made a motion to revisit funds and other building project aspects but was voted No by the board. 



The bids for Option A Phase 1 of the building projects, gymnasium, locker rooms, band room renovations, and chorus room, passed with Board Members Tom Finks and Dr. Ron Mizer voting no.


The next Taylorville School board meeting is set for February 13th.


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