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City of Assumption with Development Plans in 2024

The City of Assumption is making plans to expand their community in 2024 as new plots of land have been freed up recently. Assumption along with Assumption Community Pride set off to create this new subdivision after the city broke through some of the “land-lock” issues they were facing.

Assumption Mayor Derek Page says that the city is surrounded by family-owned farmland which were not able to be utilized by the city to create new homes. Now prospective residents will have the opportunity to venture into new parts of the town to live.


Houses have sold recently in Assumption for more than the asking price and others have sold for over $200,000, Causing Mayor Page to believe that the attraction to rural cities is alive, but what incoming residents are looking for is a rural setting with urban activities.


The 16 plots of half an acre of land will be owned by the City of Assumption and Mayor Page and the city have made provisions to keep the homes over 1,300 square feet.


Mayor Derek Page and the Assumption Community Pride group are making an effort to attract new citizens into the city and with new developments and a growing activity scene 2024 looks to be successful for Assumption.

Mayor Derek Page appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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