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Senator Steve McClure Talks Assault Weapons Ban

 Illinois State Senator Steve McClure says as new legislation is slated to begin on the first of the year, it will continue to be a confusing time for gun owners in Illinois. The Assault Weapons Ban is said to be the most widespread of all states by Senator McClure and with many pieces of the bill to sort out, state officials and gun-owning citizens in Illinois await the decision on whether the Supreme Court will have a look at the constitutionality of this ban.

Senator McClure calls the legislature confusing, throwing off gun owners and making those question if what they have is even legal.


The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules or the J-CAR is referred to by Senator McClure as action is still needed to be taken by them to sort out every detail of the ban.


Many now wait to see if the Supreme Court selects this case to try and see if it is constitutional.


The Assault Weapons Ban looks to take effect on the first of the year. For questions regarding this policy, contact 217-782-8206.

Senator McClure appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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