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Illinois EPA Meets With Public Over Concerns With Remediation Project

Illinois EPA and Ameren sought public comments on Thursday evening at Taylorville Junior High School. No representative from Ameren was in attendance. Approximately 50 community members were present, and many of them spoke during the meeting. The Illinois EPA initiated the session with a presentation detailing the site's history and outlining their future plans. They highlighted a stop order on the project, clarifying that the Illinois EPA will not proceed until they are sure the site is safe. However, they indicated that if the air monitoring results demonstrate safety, they will consider moving forward.


A public Q&A session ensued. The first speaker, Brenda Gillenwater, known for actively mobilizing volunteers through the Facebook group "My Community, My Family," raised concerns about missing documents and the authenticity of those provided by Ameren to the EPA. The EPA acknowledged requesting incorrect documents from Ameren initially, leading to some of the issues raised.


Furthermore, the EPA expressed regret over inadequate communication with the public regarding the initial June meeting. They affirmed their belief that soil contamination remains contained within the site and that the presently exposed soil is safe. Soil removed from the site and deposited at Five Oaks Landfill in Taylorville was also deemed safe.


The Illinois EPA is awaiting the review of the presented air quality reports, with no set timeline for the next update. Several community members left the meeting still seeking further clarification.

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