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Sidcor Engraving Looks To Expand and Employ

A local engraving business has set out to employ disabled veterans, teaching them new skills and providing them with a new and enhanced job opportunity. Wallace Dandridge, Owner of Sidcor Engraving is operating out of his home and produces unique and personalized engraved items. The next move for Dandridge and Sidcor Engraving is expanding to a location fit for the growing business and hiring disabled veterans looking to get back into the workforce.

To aid in this process Dandridge has set up a GoFundMe titled “Helping Us Veterans”, where all of the proceeds will go directly toward the expansion of Sidcor Engraving.

Dandridge is a disabled veteran who has taken his passion for the engraving art and looks to help provide an environment for veterans to learn from failure and develop useful physical and technical training.

Dandridge discusses the process of setting up the GoFundMe and how it was difficult at first, adding that these funds look to enhance his business while changing the lives of disabled veterans.

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For Dandridge, perfection is the standard for the products he creates.

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Dandridge explains the process of accepting an order. Dandridge says a one-on-one conversation takes place with every customer to get a full view of what that person wants.

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For the first weekend of December, Dandridge’s Sidcor Engraving will offer free shipping.

Sidcor Engraving can be found online by visiting sidcorlaserengraving.com/. Call Dandridge at 217-638-9159, or email at info@sidcorlaserengraving.com.

Wallace Dandridge appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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