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Christian County Board Meets; Recognizes FFA

The Christian County Board met on Tuesday evening for their regular monthly November meeting.  The board recognized November 22nd as FFA day in Christian County. Gary Merker stepped down from the ZBA.  Len Corzine was appointed to replace him. An amendment was made to the special use permit for Skyline Solar. 



After much discussion, the board voted to pass the motion. A closed session was held that lasted nearly an hour concerning discipline. The board reconvened and discussed ordinances. The board heard from Venise McWard concerning a CTI Contract which was given a 30-day extension and then tabled to discuss it more. 


The 2024 County Board dates were set.  The third Tuesday of every month was approved and the only change is Wednesday, March 20th, 2024.  This date was changed from the 19th due to the March primary. 


There will be a meeting concerning the Ameren Remediation project on November 30th at 6 PM at the Taylorville Junior High Gymnasium.  Ameren and the EPA are expected to be there. 



The board went back into a closed session. The next board meeting is set for December 19th. 

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