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State Rep. Halbrook Addresses Migrant Crisis

State Representative Brad Halbrook called for an investigation into state spending on illegal aliens, exposing a staggering total of over $708 million since August 2022. The report highlights funds spent across various state agencies, including the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Department of Housing, Department of Human Services, and Department of Healthcare and Family Services.


Governor Pritzker's recent commitment of an additional $160 million to Chicago for migrant support has raised eyebrows, with an additional $115 million set aside for the city and over $54 million allocated to asylee healthcare. The report details a complex slate of funding sources, including the redirection of $35 million from the TANF block grant cash to cover part of the $160 million commitment.


This revelation follows earlier instances where Governor Pritzker diverted funds meant for rent assistance for Illinois citizens to address migrant needs. State Rep. Halbrook expressed deep concern, stating, that the numbers that have come out are alarming and that democrats and republicans alike should be advocating for a closed border and for illegal immigrants to be deported.


As the debate on immigration spending intensifies, Halbrook's call for a reevaluation of priorities and financial allocations has added fuel to the ongoing political discourse surrounding immigration policies in the state.


The report also indicates that the nearly $700 million figure does not encompass non-citizen healthcare costs, which are projected to exceed $831 million—$300 million more than initially budgeted. Halbrook emphasized the human toll of illegal immigration, pointing to payments to cartels for passage, sex trafficking, and forced servitude in off-the-book jobs.


To view the full report visit, rephalbrook.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/33/2023/11/Asylum-Seeker-Assistance-FY23-and-FY24-2.pdf

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