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Taylorville City Council To Meet Monday Evening

Taylorville City Council is set to meet this evening at 7 PM for what looks to be a fairly busy meeting at the Municipal Building in Taylorville. The council will discuss higher penalties for selling nicotine products to minors. After approval of the minutes, the council will approve a number of ordinances, including BDD agreements and a discussion on limiting the number of liquor licenses, which was tabled last week due to not having a full council. The City Council will also discuss the intergovernmental cooperation agreement with the city of Pana concerning the Lincoln Prairie Trail.


The council will also look at a motion to approve a request for city hall parking improvements, East Poplar Improvements, and Food Center Street Improvements.  The council will discuss approving a motion for applying for the EPA Water Quality Management Grant. 


Under committee reports the council will look to approve a recommendation to direct the Mayor to present a counteroffer favorably discussed by the full Council in September. A motion to raise the cost for a cigarette and tobacco dealer’s license from $100 per year, to $3,000 per year is also on the table.  Along with the discussion for tobacco, the council will discuss amending the city code to add penalties for first-time offense of sale to minors for $750, the second offense to be 90-day suspension of license, and the third penalty to lose license for the remainder of the license year. There is also a motion to change signage for cigarette, tobacco, and vape shops to have similar signage to video gaming parlors. 


The council will discuss continuing with the process of demolition for 506 North Cottage and to draft a letter to accept the Hathaway Homes Project conditionally upon repairing needed areas, and to require a $1 million insurance bond for a minimum of ten years. The Mayor’s office is looking to get new carpeting. The council will look at some work on East Poplar, Taylorville Fod Center Roadway, and work on North Main Street. The Fire Department also needs some new turn-out gear. 


There will be a closed session, and the Mayor and City Attorney will also speak at the meeting. Stay tuned to Regional Radio News to find out more following the conclusion of the event. 

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