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Central A & M School District Staff Visit Kemmerer Village

 Teachers and Staff of the Central A & M School District recently had the opportunity to visit the campus of Kemmerer Village and hear from a guest speaker, reigniting their passion for what they do every day in the classroom. Kemmerer Village lives by the saying, “Every child is one caring adult away from a success story,” and for educators this could not be a more powerful message.


Attending the Kemmerer Village trip was Sacha Young, First Year Central A & M School District Superintendent, and many other Central A& M staff members. Young described how Josh Shipp, guest speaker at the event, was able to provide powerful words during their time on the campus.



Discussions ensued over how to help children struggling in foster care situations. Young says the staff was challenged by putting themselves in the place of the “caring adult” who is there to make a difference.



Young describes the reactions from the educators and staff.



Sacha Young says the teachers and staff of the Central A & M School District appreciated their time at Kemmerer Village and now enter their classrooms with a new passion for being each child's caring adult.


Sacha Young appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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