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Points Of Focus For Fall Veto Session

Illinois Congress has entered into the Fall Veto Session officially this week as Republicans and Democrats vote on local, state, and national policies.

To provide insight into this year's Fall Veto Session, Dr. Kent Redfield, Professor Emeritus for the University of Illinois Springfield describes the basics of the sessions and the types of legislation that will be brought up.


Policies to be aware of for this Fall Veto Session include collective bargaining, scholarship money for low-income students, and policies regarding healthcare insurance, rent control, and firearm possession prohibitions.


Redfield explains that a 60% vote is required from both chambers before a bill can take effect immediately.

Another aspect that will be a focus of the veto session will be ethics bills from Republicans concerning former Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan.


The Fall Veto Session will hold its legislation sessions on October 24,25,26 and November 7,8,9.

Dr. Kent Redfield appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.


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