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Christian County Board Meets; Discusses Lincoln, Collective Bargaining, And Announces New Board Members

The Christian County board met on Tuesday evening to discuss business, review committee reports, and announce appointments. The meeting took place at the courthouse and all board members were present except Miranda Langen. A wonderful donation from Jeff and Patricia Webb was presented to the board by Judge Ron Spears concerning a new portrait of Abraham Lincoln taken by George Peter Alexander or GPA Healy.  



Judge Spears said he was excited to have this painting in the Lincoln wing of the courthouse.

Chairman Bryan Sharp announced that Clint Gabriel was appointed to District 1 and Ray Koonce was appointed to District 3.  Both gentlemen say they are excited to be on the board. 



There was a heavy discussion concerning a nonbargaining ordinance. Christian County Treasurer Betty Asmussen spoke about the issue saying that it was unfair.  She urged the board to table the motion as she didn’t want to see penalties for being new. 



After much discussion, the board recommended changes concerning how salaries would be given out for year one and subsequent years.  They also agreed to talk about more in the future concerning how salaries were paid out. Sharp also says that they are aware of the Ameren Remediation Site and are working to get answers.



The next county board meeting is Tuesday, November 21st, 2023.  



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