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Illinois Ag In The Classroom Receives Helpful Grant

The Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom (IAITC) program, is dedicated to teaching kids about agriculture and has received a financial boost through the Illinois Agriculture Foundation grants. 80 county coalitions serving 89 Illinois counties were awarded $647,000 in grants for materials, training, and educational activities during the 2023-2024 school year, in those counties is Christian County. The grants aim to support teachers in integrating agriculture into their classrooms.


Kevin Daugherty, IAITC Education Director, emphasized the importance of these grants in providing teachers with the resources needed for effective agricultural education. Last year, the IAITC program engaged 582,594 students and 40,046 teachers, and county IAITC programs presented 28,848 programs across the state, enhancing students' understanding of agriculture's role.


The IA Foundation, the charitable arm of the Illinois Farm Bureau, funds these grants. Susan Moore, IAA Foundation Director, highlighted the significance of consistent funding, underscoring the positive impact the program has on students and agriculture education.


Partner organizations supporting the program include the Illinois Farm Bureau, Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education, University of Illinois Extension, and various agricultural associations. Annual donors from the agribusiness community and individuals passionate about agriculture's future also contribute to the program's success.


For contributions to the IAITC program, visit www.iaafoundation.org. To learn more about the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom program, visit www.agintheclassroom.org.


The IA/TC program's growth is pivotal for promoting agricultural education among Illinois youth.

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