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Taylorville Mayor Discusses Ameren Remediation Project Stoppage

After discussion and stoppage of the Ameren Remediation Project taking place in Taylorville, the area will undergo third-party testing to understand if there are any reasons to believe there are unsafe conditions.


Behind the stoppage of work was the Mayor of Taylorville, Bruce Barry.


Since the work has ceased a special park board meeting took place where a unanimous vote approved the hiring of an individual to test the site's air.

Mayor Barry says that he heard the community and in order to not re-live past events, halting the project until further review was the best option. Mayor Barry says a meeting will take place concerning the Ameren project this Thursday.


Ameren of Illinois has been a loyal provider for Taylorville for some years and Mayor Barry does not see any reason why Ameren would participate in an act that would harm that relationship.


Mayor Barry says he is taking the issue seriously as he and the town understand how important being thorough in this investigation will be.

Mayor Bruce Barry appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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