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Shelbyville School District Holds Month-Long Food Drive

A month-long food drive will be held by the Shelbyville School District to promote and increase donations of different types of goods to the Shelbyville Food Pantry. Each week will feature a different meal to be donated. In past weeks breakfast and lunch items were collected in the classrooms of the Shelbyville School District.

Shane Schuricht, Superintendent for Shelbyville School District is proud of the work done by his student council and says this new type of donation week is the first of its kind for Shelbyville, but for the past 13 years, the school district has focused on giving back during the month of October. This upcoming week will be asking for donations of dinner foods.


The following week, donations of dessert items will be taken. Schuricht says these donations are important to families in the community who rely on the food pantry.


Schuricht and the team of donors quickly realized how many gracious individuals there were in Shelbyville as their goal of taking one big picture with the items at the end of the month was not possible because of the vast amount of donations. With one load already given away, the next load will be taken at the end of the month.


Schuricht is proud of the diligent work done by his students to provide a variety of foods to the Shelbyville Food Pantry. Many families will be fed with quality items for the month of October.

Shane Schuricht appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show Live from our Downtown studios in Shelbyville.

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