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Family Drug Pharmacy In Shelbyville Helps With Medicare Open Enrollment

Medicare open enrollment will soon be open for those who are eligible from October 15th to December 7th. There are many resources to help those struggling to find options that better suit their health needs.

Jesse Reed, with Family Drug Pharmacy in Shelbyville, is one of many people who are here to help. The process is simple, a medication list is to be brought to a qualified figure so these experts can find the plan that will be most financially viable. Reed says Part D of Medicare plans covers prescriptions.


Aspects such as what pharmacy a citizen uses will also be part of the search. Reed mentions this process should be a yearly event for those utilizing Medicare as plans for medications are constantly changing.


Reed says one way to get started is by going to medicare.gov for information, those who are not as tech-savvy will be shown the way by a trusted individual, like those at Family Drug Pharmacy in Shelbyville.


Family Drug Pharmacy in Shelbyville is located at 1603 West Main Street in Shelbyville.

To contact Family Drug Pharmacy in Shelbyville call, 217-774-7838 to make an appointment.

Jesse Reed appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show from out Downtown studios in Shelbyville.




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