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Navigator Heartland Greenway Withdraws Application For CO2 Pipeline In Illinois

Navigator Heartland Greenway LLC has withdrawn its application for a CO2 pipeline that would have covered parts of Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. The pipeline would have stretched more than 1,300 miles across the five states and Navigator CO2, withdrew the motion on Tuesday in front of the Illinois Commerce Commission. 


The newest motion for filing came in February of 2023, when an application to construct and operate an interstate carbon dioxide transportation pipeline in Illinois, was presented to the ICC. According to official documents, Navigator Heartland Greenway is reassessing the route and other aspects of the pipeline system, and the application. 


They intend to refile at a later date, depending on an evaluation of what the best plan is moving forward. Owen MacBride, is the attorney filing on behalf of Navigator Heartland Greenway.  


Illinois is not the only setback that Navigator Heartland Greenway has had after South Dakota rejected their requests for a pipeline. They also withdrew their plans in Iowa. The original plans would have had the pipeline depositing CO2 deep in the earth at sites in Montgomery and Christian County. 


To see the full withdrawal motion, click here

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