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Identifying Mental Health Changes In Youth

Staying up to date on mental health issues involving youth and teenage students has become increasingly important as stress levels have continued to rise. Experts believe students and community members have not yet completely healed from the battle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ed Lacheta, Clinical Director for Shelby County Community Services says stressors like emotional and financial stress are keeping people from living anxiety-free lives.



Lacheta says that a release of emotions must be acceptable through communication, as stress tends to build within a person, causing their actions and behaviors to change. Paying attention to a loved one's change in mood or behavior can open up a line of communication.


More signs and symptoms of failing mental health to be aware of are substance abuse and physical changes that come with this says Lacheta.


Lacheta says it can be as simple as asking someone how they are doing. Having meaningful conversations creates a bond where that young person knows they can release their inner troubles to begin healing.

To reach a mental health professional in an emergency contact the 988 crisis line. For 24/7 access to mental health help contact 866-5672400.

Ed Lacheta appeared as a guest, live from our downtown studio in Shelbyville.

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