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Ameren Gives Update On Manners Park Remediation Project

After a social media post went viral concerning work being done by Ameren near Manners Park, Regional Radio News spoke with the Site Manager, David Palmer, to do the “dig down” on what was taking place for the remediation project. Palmer says work being done at the project site is a pilot test to evaluate the soil.



Palmer says that while there is some risk due to construction, for the most part, the project is safe and being carefully monitored by both Ameren and the EPA. He says that there are some smells, such as mothballs, but they quickly work to limit that. 



Palmer says that the particles in the air are way less than anything that has been produced before. 



He says that they will continue to monitor the project through the end of the pilot study in December. 



For more information on the remediation project, contact Brian Bretsch at Ameren at 618-343-8087 . You can also reach out to Brad Frost at the EPA at 217?782?7027 or email him at brad.frost@illinois.gov, and there is a site sheet located on site or here.


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