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ZBA Meets; Approves Solar Project---Other Motions

The Christian County Zoning Board Of Appeals met on Tuesday evening and met for roughly 2 ½ hours to go over things that were brought to them including a motion on DC Transmission lines, Fork River Community Solar, and a special use permit for a new anhydrous ammonia plant. Jim Overholt announced that Jon Rosenthal who was on the board resigned, and that they need a new member to sit on the ZBA. 


The ZBA discussed DC Transmission Lines.  Board Member Venise McWard asked that the lines be buried and approved by a third party engineer.  Some ZBA members questioned who would be responsible if the lines were disrupted or if someone was hurt. After much discussion, the motion was approved to go to the County Board. 


The ZBA also heard a presentation from Simon Courtney with Fork River Community Solar. A discussion was held on what the return would be to the county, cashwise. The ZBA also wanted to make sure that everyone that was either on the property or near the property where the solar project would be done were aware. The motion was passed with the understanding that owners were aware of what was going on.


The ZBA also heard from Central Commodity who discussed a special permit for a new anhydrous ammonia plant which would be put in aprt of section 16 in township 13 north, range 3 west. Some members of the community spoke out in concern of the environment, smells, and being in the way.  Many in the audience said they liked the project just didn’t want it in that location. The motion passed. 


The next County Board Meeting is set for April 18th. 

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