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Taylorville Park Board Meeting This Evening

The Taylorville Park Board is set to meet this evening at 7 PM at the Manners Park Dining Hall in Taylorville. After opening call to order, pledge, and roll call the board will look at minutes and approve the treasurer's report and hear from guests. 


Under new business, the board will hear from Jason Boldig to talk about bunker repair at Lakeshore Golf Course, Nicole Shoemaker will talk about Ameren, MaryAnn Becker will be appointed as an IMRF Authorized agent, and she will be authorized to sign for all park district accounts. 


The board will also hear from the maintenance superintendent, office administrator, and recreational director Bailey Hancock.  If needed, there will be an executive session. Stay tuned to Regional Radio News at the conclusion of the event for a  full wrap-up.  

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