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Litchfield Fire Department Respond To Building Collapse Saturday

A building collapse in Litchfield led to a busy Saturday for Emergency Response Teams. On Saturday at 11:48 AM, firefighters from Litchfield were dispatched to a call for a building explosion adjacent to Short Furniture on 319 North State Street.  As the Fire Department was headed to the scene, further information came in that the building had collapsed and a bridal shower was taking place in the building with over 20 individuals.


Upon arrival, a box alarm was struck for a Technical Rescue Team from Springfield.  All occupants were quickly accounted for with several only having minor injuries and a few requiring transport to St. Francis Hospital.  A portion of the roof and second floor collapsed in the building requiring gas and electric for the entire west side of State Street between Ryder Street and Kirkham Street to be temporarily shut off with water shut off as well.  Fencing was erected around the area to keep people away and the southbound lanes were closed off to traffic. 


Gillespie and Hillsboro EMS, Raymond Harvel FPD, EMA, Red Cross, Litchfield Police, Street, and Building Departments helped assist with the collapse.  A structural engineer will be on site Monday morning to evaluate the buildings. 

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