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Christian County Board Meets For Four Hours; Terminates Zoning And Solid Waste Director

A four-hour County Board Meeting focused heavily on animal control and culminated with the termination of former Christian County Animal Control Director and current Zoning Board and Solid Waste Director Vince Harris. The Christian County Board also approved allowing the proper authorities to start an investigation into multiple accounts run at Animal Control. The closed session lasted over an hour.


The board did approve drafting an ordinance for a change of $25 for the municipalities to get help from the Christian County Animal Control.  Chairman Matt Wells had more. 



Wells says that he has had Mayors ask for help.



In other news, the board approved sending ACT Internet to the finance committee, the board also approved sending the text amendment for the Meteorological Tower back to the ZBA, and announced COLA increases for the States Attorney and Public Defender effective 7/1/2022. The board also discussed a complaint about noise. 



A motion was voted on to send it to the personnel committee but the motion failed and the motion died on the table. The next Christian County Board meeting is set for July 19th. 

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