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Being Aware Of The Signs And Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer

After news of Toby Keith being diagnosed with stomach cancer reached the public late earlier this week, many were stunned that he had been diagnosed with it last fall. Keith has already undergone surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment.  He has since canceled all of his upcoming shows due to these health problems.


Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, is the growth of cancer cells in the lining and wall of the stomach.  This type of cancer is one of the most common cancer types and one of the leading causes of cancer deaths around the world.  


Dr. Ismael Shaukat, an oncologist for OSF Healthcare says that while breast, colon, and prostate cancers get a lot of media attention, people should be aware of stomach cancer as well.



Some risk factors for stomach cancer include age, sex, obesity, and race.  Most people are diagnosed with stomach cancer in their late 60s or older, stomach cancer is more common in men than women, being overweight may increase the risk of stomach cancer, and stomach cancer is more common in Hispanics, African Americans, and Asians.



Stomach cancer symptoms aren’t easily identified.  Some symptoms can include feeling bloated after eating, heartburn, and unintentional weight loss are just a few signs to look out for.



Symptoms can be vague.



Stomach cancer is still one of the most common causes of cancer death around the world but that has dropped. Incident rates have dropped about 1.5% every year in the last decade in the US. Treatments have also advanced including chemotherapy and surgery.



For more information on stomach cancer, talk to your physician.

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