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Investigation Leads To Forfeiture Of 65 Cats In Taylorville

A phone call and an investigation led to a startling discovery in Taylorville on Friday. Animal Control Andy Goodall along with the Taylorville Police Department were called to a house in Taylorville after a complaint of cats. When officers arrived they found nearly 65 cats.  The city ordinance in Taylorville is 3 cats. Goodall says the cats are currently at Christian County Animal Control.


The medical expenses are expected to be over $8,000 and the animal shelter is looking for help.



A vet went out Monday afternoon to check on the cats.  On the surface, Goodall says they look healthy but they still have to check. Goodall says they are really looking for donations of litter, food, and much more. 



Taylorville Police Chief Dwayne Wheeler says no charges are expected to be filed in the incident.  If you want more information or to help out, please contact the Christian County Animal Shelter at (217) 824-5433.

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