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Taylorville Spring Music Festival A Great Success

Taylorville High School held their Spring Music Festival Friday evening at the West Gym in Taylorville to a full house who waited over 2 years for the music festival to return. Chris Gunn, Keith Chase, Jean Ninmer, Jacob Schumacher, Camille Blanford, Russ Burch, and Jim Harris led a nearly 2 hour music festival that celebrated music from every category and involved musicians from 5th to 12th grade and those from Vision Way and St. Mary’s as well.


The night started off with leading the students in with a processional and National Anthem.



The elementary chorus sang The Rainbow Connection which included songs like Over the Rainbow, Yellow Submarine, Blue Skies, Purple People Eater, and the Rainbow Connection. The 6th-8th grade choir sang a time medley with songs having to do with time. The THS Choirs combined sang songs from the Motion Picture Rocketman.



The Choir saw solos from Gage Matthews, Jillian Lowry, Mylie Sims, Izzy Miller, Rebekah Krah, Athan Sherbert, Savannah Sorrells, Olivia Enlow, Ella Greene, and the Choir Seniors. 


Matthews would also be awarded with the James H. Smith Music Appreciation Scholarship from former music director, James Smith.



The 5th grade band did a song called Alpha Squadron, the 6th through 8th grade band did Boogie, Woogie, Bugle Boy and Zoot Suit Riot, and the Senior High Concert Band did the Best of Styx.  Gunn said he was so happy to have a full house again at the West Gym. He said it was a memorable night for all.