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Bills Supporting Teachers; DCFS Workers Making Moves In Springfield

Legislators have been busy with much activity in Springfield, and along with the budget, a lot of smaller bills have been pushing their way through the House and the Senate and into Governor JB Pritzker’s hands.  One bill that has been signed into law by Governor Pritzker is a bill protecting teachers who get COVID-19—as long as they’re vaccinated. The law allows school staff who are fully vaccinated paid leave if they are infected.  The Governor says teachers have had to deal with every aspect of COVID. 



Senate President Don Harmon fully supports this bill.  Vaccinated Teachers who previously have had to use sick days because of the virus will get those days back. 



This law will apply to public kindergarten through 12th grade schools as well as colleges and universities. 

In other legislation news, DCFS workers will be better equipped to defend themselves should a situation arise. A bill being sent to the Governor’s desk, wil allow DCFS investigators to carry pepper spray when visiting a home. The legislation is being sponsored by Senator Steve McClure.



Investigators will have to go through a training course with the state police on the proper use of the defensive spray. This move is prompted by the murder of two women conducting home visits.



The bill must be signed into law by the governor. 

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