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taylorvilledailynews.com Unveils Exclusive "Event Delay" Software for Closings, Cancellations

taylorvilledailynews.com, a division of the Miller Media Group, has unveiled an exclusive “Event Delay” software program for schools, businesses, and governmental agencies to post closings and cancellations.


The new software allows those posting to set up their own account and then post via any Internet browser 24/7, saving them time from previously having to call station officials or send e-mails, then wait on the information to be posted on-line.


The 5 Taylorville-based radio stations of the Miller Media Group will then read those closings and cancellations posted via its exclusive “Event Delay” software, from that page on taylorvilledailynews.com, bringing listeners the latest information submitted by school, business and government officials.


The software is the first of its kind to be used in the Miller Media Group coverage area, which extends from I-72 to I-70 and I-55 to I-57.


Company president Randal J. Miller said the acquisition of the “Event Delay” software brings the Miller Media Group into the 21st Century using the latest technology to benefit both those who provide taylorvilledailynews.com readers with information, but an easier way for them to also get that information on-the-air.