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Taylorville City Council To Meet This Evening

The Taylorville City Council will meet this evening for their regular bimonthly meeting. After approval of minutes, the board will review a CTI business development district, and authorize a lease agreement with the VFW. The board will review an audit engagement letter and look at a motion to advertise for an airport records clerk position with the airport. 


In other meeting news, the board will review approval of another liquor/gaming license at 433 West Spresser Street. The board will look at a concrete and rain shelter for the bike trail near the Paw Paw Street entrance.


During the lake/airport section, the board will look at some campground approvals including amp outlets, docks, and the parking lot being oiled and chipped. Under water/environmental the board will look at modifications for a SCADA system and a three-year maintenance and support plan.  


The board will also go into closed session to discuss the upcoming resignation of the water superintendent; discuss hiring Marlin Brune, and review a claim from the former Human Resource Manager. The board will hear from the city attorney and Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry.

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