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Mask Mandate End Date Set For February 28th; Schools, Jails, Other Facilities Not Lifted Yet

Governor JB Pritzker says that Illinois is on track to lift the state’s indoor mask mandate on February 28th. While not everyone will see this relief from masks, masks will be lifted at bars, restaurants, grocery stores, and more this month.  Governor JB Pritzker says he is pleased with the decline in covid-19 hospitalizations.

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Schools are not ready yet, as Governor Pritzker says that they will continue to fight for a mask mandate in place. The Governor says schools aren’t ready due to the number of people that go in and out of schools. Governor Pritzker says any federal and local mask rules will apply and masks will be required in places like mass transit and health care settings.  He also says they will stay for long term care facilities, prisons, and daycares.

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Republicans fired back at the mask mandate, saying that Governor Pritzker is still trying to control the issue without going to the legislation.  State Senator Darren Bailey who is running for Governor as a Republican, heavily criticized the governor. 

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The Governor has appealed a recently lifted mask mandate in schools. 

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