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Miller Challenging Rodney Davis in 15th District Primary

US Representative Rodney Davis has his challenger for the 15th District. Republican Congresswoman Mary Miller announced that she will be running for the new 15th District against Representative Davis. Miller has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump and in a Youtube video Miller says that President Trump gave her the confidence to run previously in 2020.  


Representative Miller says she’s not a career politician and that she’s the only politician from Illinois to oppose every aspect of the Biden agenda and that she is fighting for real election security. She says she also is the only Republican to vote against the gun confiscation bill. 


Miller continued stressing that she was endorsed by the NRA and that she has an A rating from the Gun owners of America.  She also boasted legislation banning taxpayer funded chemical abortion.


Representative Rodney Davis, who is also running for the 15th District says that Mary Miller is an outsider. His team released the following saying that  “She doesn’t live in the 15th District. She’s a carpetbagger and a Chicagoland native.  Miller is so desperate to stay in Congress she’s running in a district she doesn’t live in, just like her husband.”


Representative Davis’ team continued saying that “Representative Miller supported the Never Trump ticket for Illinois Governor and refused to vote against Nancy Pelosi’s sham, partisan ? select committee. All Mary Miller has to show for her time in Congress is quoting Hitler and voting with Democrats like AOC and the far left squad to defund our military and block a pay raise for our troops.”


To see Miller’s video click here. Illinois is set to have their primary election on June 28th. 

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