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Illinois State Fire Marshal Stresses Fire Safety This Holiday Season

Illinois State Fire Marshal stressing fire safety this holiday season. 


State Fire Marshal Matt Perez says that there were 17 fire related deaths during the 2020 holiday season in Illinois. 


According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than two of every five home decoration fires occur due to decorations placed too close to a heat source. Candles start more than one-third of home decoration fires. 


The  NFPA also reports that U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 780 home structure fires per year that began with decorations between 2013 and 2017. 


Candles also start more than half of home decoration fires in December. 


Perez says that you should extinguish all lit candles before bed. He reminds you that holiday decorations can increase risk of a home fire and that it’s important to follow and practice fire safety measures to enjoy a safe and festive holiday season. 


He also reminds you to keep lit candles at least a foot away from decorations or anything that can catch fire. You should also check any decorating lights to see if they are fit for indoor use while also replacing any light strands that have worn or broken cords. 


Even though that tree is delightful at night, you should turn the lights off before bed. If you have a real tree, make sure to check water levels daily. Dried out trees are a fire hazard. 


When you go to make that holiday meal, make sure you’ve cleaned it since Thanksgiving. In case of an oven fire, turn it off and close the door until it is cool. 

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