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DCFS Reminds Parents About Child Safety When Sleeping

The Department of Child Family Services is distributing 8,000 posters statewide for Infant Safe Sleep Awareness Month.  Daycare providers will be handed these posters and asked to display them in high traffic areas to remind parents and caregivers should learn the ABCs: that infants should always sleep Alone, on their Backs, and in a safe Crib.


That’s DCFS Spokesperson Deborah Lopez.  Lopez says that it can be dangerous when babies under the age of one cosleep with someone.



In 2020, 114 infants in Illinois under the age of 1 died as a result of being put to sleep unsafely.  97 were found in locations other than a crib, bassinet, or pack and play.  73 were found in positions other than on their back and 83 were co-sleeping with someone else when they died. For more information contact DCFS or visit their website.

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