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Local Representative Urges For Consistency From Governor's Office

Governor JB Pritzker has signed an executive order to mandate that students wear masks in school. That is something that Representative Avery Bourne says he decided on his own. She would prefer to see the schools have the local control to decide what is best for them, rather than have a blanket order for the entire state.



Representative Bourne is not against wearing masks in schools. She just thinks that the decision would be more accurate if made by those in the community.



There are those who made the decision to get vaccinated. If the delta variant isn’t spreading in an area, Representative Bourne doesn't see a reason for the vaccinated members of the community to wear a mask.



Representative Bourne says if the science is being followed then there should be more consistency from the Governor. 



Representative Bourne appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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