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Republican State Legislators Want Changes In The Ethics Bill On The Governor's Desk

Governor JB Pritzker has been busy, and will continue to be busy with bills. One of the biggest bills sitting in front of him has to do with ethics. Representative Avery Bourne and the rest of her party have been pushing for ethics reform, but not like this. Representative Bourne explains this is not what they had in mind, and it could cause one member of the government to resign.



While the bill isn’t all bad, there are some very bad parts to it. Representative Bourne explains they are all just small things, but she believes they will hurt in the long run. 



She continues to explain what would make the Inspector General want to resign her position. 



Part of Governor Pritzker’s power is to amend the bill before signing. Representative Bourne says that is what she is hoping for in regards to this ethics bill.



Representative Bourne appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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