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Taylorville Memorial Hospital Foundation Starting New Grant Program

Improving health within the community is something that is coming to the forefront for Taylorville Memorial Hospital and the Taylorville Memorial Hospital Foundation. That is why they started a new grant program that will give money to other non-profits that have a plan to better health in the community. Raedena Ryan, Executive Director of the TMH Foundation, says that community health is just one of their three main focuses.



The grant program is just the newest way the TMH Foundation can reach the community. Billy Williams, Chairman of the Grant Board, and Ryan share just some of the other ways they’ve invested in the health of the community.



What’s different about this grant program is that it puts more control into the hands of those in the community. 



There’s a lot of creativity that comes with this program. That is what Ryan and Williams say they are looking for; those in the community that have a passion for a healthier environment to live and work.



Ryan and Williams appeared as guests on the WTIM Morning Show.

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