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Taylorville School District Makes Mask Wear Optional For School Year; Asks For Input

The Taylorville School District issued new guidance for the 2021-2022 school year and has announced that for this next school year, at least at the start, mask-wearing will be optional. The administrative team has put out a draft of the plan for safe return to in-person learning and it's open for public comments. This is on the school website and is open from July 15-July 22nd. Dr. Chris Dougherty, Taylorville Superintendent, along with Taylorville High School Principal Matt Hutchison, says this is a great way for you to get your feedback in.



While you can’t get into the building right now due to some construction, Principal Matt Hutchison says that online registration is open today and you’ll be able to have freshman orientation for High School on August 12th. If you can’t make the August 12th date, you can make an appointment to be able to walk the building and see their classrooms.



Hutchison and Dougherty both said that they are excited for this upcoming school year for getting things back to normal and are looking forward to seeing full schools and school events.



To see both the registration press release and the back-to-school press release, click here and here.

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