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State House Continues Discussing An Energy Bill

When Governor JB Pritzker was running for office he made promises regarding energy that he has been pushing for lately. That is why legislators were called back to session not long after their first abbreviated session was over. Representative Avery Bourne says even though the Governor wants this to happen she’s keeping a watchful eye on what the bill says.



Representative Bourne believes there is a good chance a bill can get passed, but there are some very specific things she believes need to change in order for that to happen.



The energy bill currently talked about will have a huge impact across Illinois, and Representative Bourne says it’s something she’s receiving a lot of questions from constituents about.



On a different note, Representative Bourne says they are still waiting on the census data to draw the new Congressional District maps. They expect the data in Mid-August. 



Representative Bourne appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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